UniKL Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2e



978 983 47 1834 3


Azahari Jamaludin
Abd Razak Mohd Yusoff
Mohd Hazli Mohd Rusli
Salwah Che Mat
Zawiah Abdul Majid

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This book caters for diploma students in Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) and provides them with an understanding of the theories, practices and importance of entrepreneurship. It emphasizes entrepreneurship as an imperative process that affects not only the performance of organizations, but also their future. In doing so, the book focuses on essential issues such as the overview of entrepreneurship, a business environment assessment, a business opportunity evaluation via creative and innovative ideas, the starting of a business, as well as business ideas, opportunities and marketing strategies.

     This insightful book has been thoroughly revised and updated in line with the latest developments in the field. It serves as a useful reference for students, especially those attempting to learn entrepreneurship for the first time. It provides helpful information and explanation on the entrepreneurship process, besides offering practical tools, techniques and the current business registration form that are instrumental in running a business smoothly and successfully. Additionally, the book includes local examples on key topics and sample business ideas to further assist students in better grasping this subject.

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