Strategic Management 2e



978 983 47 1044 6


Zainal Abidin Mohamed
Wong Foong Yee
Ho Jo Ann

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The second edition of Strategic Management caters for Business Administration and Management undergraduates, as well as postgraduates. The book is designed to be used as a capstone course after the students have been exposed to the various functional areas of management. It is also a useful refresher for practitioners and general readers who seek essential knowledge on strategic management.

     Spanning 12 chapters, the book covers topics such as a brief historical background on strategic planning, the elements of strategic planning, and the strategic planning process of evaluation and formulation that includes various models used by diverse companies. Unlike most other strategic management course books, this book also discusses the action plan as part of the implementation phase, besides the strategic planning system. A new chapter has been added to keep in touch with current developments, especially in the pursuance of competitive advantage.

     The book presents content in an accessible manner, complemented with localized examples and scenarios. Each chapter ends with a summary and discussion questions, whereas the book concludes with six real and comprehensive case studies. These cases enable students to link the knowledge they have acquired to the real world. They can also be used by trainers in their training sessions and by those who believe that the case approach is effective if not more.

Key Features
• Complies with the Strategic Management syllabi of local institutions of higher learning
• Presents the content in an accessible manner using localized examples and scenarios
• Covers the action plan as part of the implementation phase, and the strategic planning system, both of which are rarely covered in other strategic management course books
• Provides six real and comprehensive case studies which help students link what they have learnt to the real world

New to This Edition
• A new chapter to stay up-to-date on current developments, especially in the pursuance of competitive advantage.
• Revised topics, chapter activities and discussion questions to reflect the latest developments in the area of strategic management

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