Financial Accounting 3 & 4 2e



978 983 47 1824 4


Syaiful Baharee Jaafar
Nazura Arif
Hasmawazi Hamzah
Hasmida Mohamad Hassan
Isratun Idris

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The second edition of Financial Accounting 3 & 4 is designed to make accounting accessible for students at local polytechnic institutions. Aligned with the latest Financial Accounting 3 and 4 polytechnic syllabuses, the book serves as an essential follow-up to Financial Accounting 1 and 2, as well as a comprehensive reference.

    This edition comprises 11 thoroughly revised and updated chapters which expose students to the summarizing, analyzing and reporting know-how of financial transactions, especially the preparation of financial statements according to current accounting standards. Its coverage includes new key topics, such as contract accounts, consignment accounts and bill of exchange, branch accounts, and joint venture accounts.

    Financial accounting concepts are presented in a simple and concise manner to ease students’ understanding, while the worked examples enable them to apply the concepts learned. Additionally, every chapter concludes with a summary and various short-answer and problem-solving exercises with answers, which are examination-based, to further enhance students’ grasp of all the topics.


Key Features

• Presents financial accounting concepts in an accessible manner

• Provides ample worked examples that assist students in applying concepts learned

• Facilitates quick revision of topics through chapter summaries

• Reinforces students’ grasp of topics through examination-based exercises with suggested answers


New to This Edition

• Contains new key topics—contract accounts, consignment accounts and bill of exchange, branch accounts, and joint venture accounts

• Includes thoroughly revised short-answer and problem-solving exercises in all chapters

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