Commercial Law 2e





Dr. Lee Mei Pheng
Ivan Jeron Detta

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Commercial Law is a self-study book for local polytechnic students studying the Commercial Law subject, who include those pursuing the Diploma in Business, Diploma in Accountancy and Diploma in Marketing programmes. It adheres to the latest polytechnic syllabus for PB302 Commercial Law, and updates the Commercial Law book first published in 2011, which was based on the textbook entitled Business Law. The main objective of this updated version, well-presented with summaries, is to continue to make this subject easy to understand and apply. The authors’ comprehensive experience in legal practice, banking and teaching have enabled them to provide a simple and straightforward revision book. This book meets the high demands of the busy working professional or student under stress and limited by time constraints. It lets them revise the Commercial Law subject in an organized, effective and result-orientated way. This book covers eight salient legal topics relating to commerce; including contract law, partnership law, sale of goods, hire-purchase, agency and the law of negotiable instruments.

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