OFPS Communicative English 3 2e



978 983 47 2972 1


Mazlin Mohamed Mokhtar
Aishah Muslim
Prapagaran Bala Krisnan

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Communicative English 3 Second Edition is the third book in a series of three titles, which is designed for all polytechnic students in Malaysia. This second edition aims to develop students’ critical reflection skills. It comprises four refined and updated chapters, namely Descriptions of Graphs and Charts, Job Advertisements and Enquiries, Resumes and Cover Letters, and Job Interviews. Special emphasis is given to the skills needed to make job enquiries, prepare professional resumes and cover letters, as well as prepare for and respond appropriately and confidently in job interviews. Besides complying with the latest Communicative English syllabus at polytechnics and providing useful notes and tips which are presented in an engaging manner, this new edition offers students ample authentic tasks to enable them to apply the skills they have learned to real-world scenarios.

New to This Edition

• Appendices at the end of the book, containing:

   o Appendix 1: Five FAQs during job interviews and suggested strategies to answer them

   o Appendix 2: A mock interview (for oral practice and assessment), and

   o Appendix 3: An evaluation sheet (for assessing the mock interview).

• Refined and updated notes, examples as well as practices

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