Introduction to C++ Programming



978 983 47 1519 9


Wan Anisha Wan Mohammad
Azlina Mohd Mydin
Sopiah Ishak

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Introduction to C++ Programming is intended for Engineering and Computer Science students pursuing basic courses on C++ programming. The aim of the book is to assist students in mastering the art of writing C++ programs, enabling them to produce effective C++ programs. A comprehensive pedagogical approach is adopted for this book, which includes extensive examples and figures, interspersed with review questions, programming tips, keywords and end-of-chapter practices. The book opens with an introductory chapter on computer programs, followed by a detailed introduction to C++ programming and the basic elements of computer programs. It then moves on to a complete analysis of the various constructs of C++ such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays and strings.

Key Features

  • Presents programming topics in an accessible and engaging manner
  • Enables students to check their understanding through review questions interspersed throughout the chapters
  • Assists students in applying programming techniques through the examples provided
  • Provides chapter snapshots via a summary section at the end of each chapter
  • Reinforces students' grasp of the topics via a variety of knowledge, comprehension and application exercises
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