Integrated Case Studies for Accounting





Zubir Azhar
Rozainun Abdul Aziz
Indra Devi Rajamanoharan
Aini Aman

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Instructor's Manual and Suggested Answers (coming soon)

Integrated Case Studies for Accounting presents a series of interesting cases that relate to various businesses and industries in the market, suitable for Accounting students pursuing the subject at degree level. The cases cover issues in areas such as financial and management accounting, strategic management, accounting information systems, internal control, tax, public sector accounting, corporate governance, fraud and internal audit. It also covers industries from simple small proprietors to SMEs, and family-owned businesses to public listed, multinational companies.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 introduces short cases that explore two to three fundamental accounting areas. This is followed by Part 2, which extends to medium-length cases which cover a higher number of accounting areas with more complexity. Part 3 provides long cases which present more in-depth scenarios and issues, simulating reality in business. 

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