Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (OPM)





Mohd Nizal Haniff
Anuar Nawawi
Rodziah Abd Samad
Intan Salwani Mohamed

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This textbook is written primarily for students who are taking their first course in financial accounting. It is suitable for any undergraduate syllabus of basic accounting course prescribed in Malaysian public and private universities. The topics covered are especially useful for students who are sitting for professional examinations in basic financial accounting; likewise, casual readers who need a clear understanding of bookkeeping.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and systematic coverage on the applications of the double-entry system, accounting cycle and processes of bookkeeping.
  • Coverage on depreciation, inventory, bank reconciliation statement and financial ratios are included to give both prospective students and readers a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • Includes accounting simulation of real world situation with the use of source documents e.g. sales invoices, purchase orders, bills, etc. of a hypothetical business entity for readers to better appreciate the actual bookkeeping exercise.
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