Fundamentals of Economics



978 983 47 2049 0


Tey Hwei Choo
Nabila Ahmad
Zulkhairi Nisa
Irlisuhayu Mohd Ramli
Rosmaiza Abd Ghani

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This comprehensive Economics textbook provides students with an in-depth understanding of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts. It is designed for students pursuing introductory Economics courses at institutions of higher learning. The fundamentals are covered in 15 self-contained chapters, punctuated by relevant mini case studies for better understanding. The key topics are presented systematically and progressively. They are discussed in an accessible manner, enabling students to grasp economic concepts and theories easily. Additionally, Islamic economic perspectives are incorporated throughout the textbook to reflect the growing importance of Islamic viewpoints in the field. Each chapter is equipped with useful diagrams and graphs, engaging examples, a chapter summary and ample exercises, allowing students to study independently. Students are also given complete answers at the end of the textbook, as well as various complementary online resources.

Key Features

• Complies with the Economics syllabuses of institutions of higher learning

• Presents key topics using easy-to-understand language, complemented with an array of diagrams and graphs to make economic concepts accessible to students

• Reinforces students’ understanding through an intersperse of sample questions with answers throughout the texts, and a chapter summary at the end of each chapter

• Includes case studies to enable students to link what they have learnt to the real world

• Provides formative and summative assessment through a variety of question types—multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions and essay questions

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