Fundamentals of Auditing





Ayoib Che Ahmad
Hasnah Haron
Mazrah Malik
Zalailah Salleh
Hilwani Hariri
Norziaton Ismail Khan
Sherliza Puat Nelson

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This textbook is designed for degree students pursuing Fundamentals of Auditing in institutions of higher learning. Students are exposed to the need for external audits and the statutory requirements governing the profession and practice. The book introduces fundamental auditing concepts and standards, as well as the procedures related to audit planning and the audit of financial statements of business entities. The text also covers internal control, audit risk, audit evidence and documentation, sampling, code of ethics, liability of auditors, internal auditing, the impact of IT in auditing and fraudulent financial reporting.

Key Features

  • Complies with the latest International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and tailored for the auditing syllabuses of local universities.
  • Review questions and cases help students apply fundamental concepts of auditing.
  • Summaries and key terms are guides for students to recapitulate on important notes.
  • Examples and margin notes enhance the students’ learning process.
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