Fundamentals of Finance With Microsoft Excel Second Edition





Noryati Ahmad
Hamisah Abd Rahman
Sharifah Faigah Syed Alwi
Zainora Ab Wahid

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Fundamentals of Finance With Microsoft Excel Second Edition is an adaptation of Principles of Finance With Microsoft Excel Second Edition by Simon Benninga, published by Oxford University Press, USA. The content has been reorganized to ensure this book fully covers the syllabus throughout major public and private universities of the Asian region. Several additional chapters such as Risk and Return, Introduction to Islamic Finance, and Using Excel to Solve Financial Problems have been included in this revised adaptation. The book comes with Microsoft Excel functions, notes, tables and screenshots to guide readers in implementing financial analysis using Excel. With ample local and international examples and exercises, readers will find this book useful in helping them get answers to important problems in finance and deepen their understanding of the diverse concepts involved.

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