Fundamentals of Business Accounting 2e



978 983 47 1046 0


Wan Madznah Wan Ibrahim
Mohd Rizal Palil

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This book is catered for undergraduate business students taking the Business Accounting or Introductory Accounting subjects. It covers two branches of accounting, financial accounting and management accounting in a thorough manner, with emphasis on the Malaysian environment. To enable students to grasp the subject with ease, worked examples featuring step-by-step calculations are given. In addition, students are able to reinforce what they have learnt through ample self-tests and authentic group tasks. To further consolidate students’ understanding of the topics, essential terms are presented in a brief and concise manner as margin notes. This new edition comprises five new chapters, topics, activities and online resources for students and lecturers to enhance the breadth and balance of the book.

Key Features

  • Chapter overviews presented in mind maps at the beginning of chapters to give students a clear view of the topics covered
  • Worked examples with step-by-step calculations provided
  • Margin notes for quick review of key terms and formulas used in calculations
  • Self-test Activities to help students reinforce concepts and principles learnt
  • A variety of Group Activities to enable students to apply their knowledge in authentic situations


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