Economics with Islamic Orientation





Zubair Hasan

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This book, spread over 24 chapters, covers Economics with a greater orintation towards Islamic viewpoints. It is also suitable for students studying the subject in developing economies. The book combines the material of two earlier texts of the author—Macroeconomics (2009) and Fundamentals of Microeconomics (2011). The material has been refined and updated; new explanatory diagrams and illustrations have been included. 


Key Features   


  • Written in simple language, with explanatory illustrations and descriptive diagrams.
  • Learning outcomes are stated at the beginning of each chapter and checks on them are provided in the form of exercises throughout the chapters.
  • Boxes highlighting Islamic input are provided in each chapter which allows the smooth flow of the text. 
  • A summary of the main points, concepts for review and a glossary are provided at the end of each chapter.
  • Relevant and recent case studies, and a Web-based task are provided at the end of each chapter. 
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