Cost Accounting 5th Edition





Prabir Das

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Cost Accounting Fifth Edition is a book intended for a wide range of users and it covers both theory and techniques of cost accounting. It focuses on the purpose of cost accounting, which is to ascertain costs in order to plan and control. It also covers the concepts and techniques of cost management, as well as its purpose, which is to provide information for strategic decision-making in order to give a competitive advantage to the company and value to the customers. The text covers a significant part of the syllabuses of various local and overseas examinations in cost and management accounting.

Key features:

  • Text presented in a direct and simple style
  • Learning outcomes and key terms included for each chapter
  • Charts, diagrams and figures interspersed between text provide clarity
  • Worked examples used liberally to reinforce understanding
  • Includes documents used in a cost and management accounting system
  • Summary at the end of each chapter for quick reference
  • Margin notes incorporated for easy learning


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Notice: *Note: Supplementary Questions and Comprehensive Case Studies are found under Chapter 1.

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