Circuit Theory





Salina Muhamad
Mohd Aswadi Alias

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Circuit Theory is specially written to help students to understand the basic concept more easily. It is ideally meant for the first year students studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and other vocational courses, as well as foundation degrees. This book has been conceived and deliberately written and constructed as a one-semester text on basic Circuit Theory, in line with the relevant syllabus of the Ministry of Higher Education. The used of plain, simple and lucid language to explain the fundamentals of the subject make this book especially helpful. Numerous solved problems are provided, which will help the students to gain sound knowledge and fully understand the basic concept of Circuit Theory.

The book opens with an introductory chapter on basic concepts, followed by a chapter on basic voltage and current laws. Other chapters cover topics on systematic analysis method, circuit theorem, operational amplifier, capacitors and inductors, first order RL and RC circuit, as well as sinusoidal steady state analysis.

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