Business Management: A Malaysian Perspective 2e



Khalidah Khalid Ali
Satirenjit Kaur Johl
Lai Fong Woon
Rohani Salleh
Sofiah Molek Lope Aman Shah
Rahayu Abdul Rahman
Ilmiah Ibrahim

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The second edition of Business Management: A Malaysian Perspective is a comprehensive textbook for undergraduate, diploma and foundation level students who are taking a paper in Business Management. Adhering closely to the Malaysian university syllabus, this textbook comprises eleven chapters on essential business management topics, including business fundamentals, the influence of economics on business, competing in the global environment, the different forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship, management, operations management, managing human resources, marketing, financial accounting and financial management.

The text is written in a systematic manner, while incorporating tables, figures and local examples to enhance the students’ understanding of how to manage business in today’s competitive global environment. Each chapter ends with a summary, glossary, review and discussion of the topics, case study, and references and suggested reading.

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