Business Management 3e
Financial Accounting and Reporting 1
Business Ethics 2e
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 2e
Human Resource Management 4e
Business Law 3e
Principles of Management 3e
Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-accounting Students
Malaysian Economy: Unlocking Growth, Sustaining Equity
Financial Accounting and Reporting 3
Organizational Behaviour 2e
Management Accounting 3e
Fundamentals of Auditing
Fundamentals of Economics
ORS Principles of Marketing 3e
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Information Systems 2e
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (OPM)
Financial Accounting 1 (OPM)
Financial Management 3e
Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2e
Financial Accounting and Reporting 2
ORS Retailing
UniKl Technopreneurship 2e
Financial Accounting 1 2e
Fundamentals of Transport
Innovation Management
ORS Marketing Management 2e
Operations Management for UiTM
Operations Management
Personal Development and Ethics
Statistics for UiTM 4e
Business Mathematics for UiTM 5e
Management Accounting 2e
Economics with Islamic Orientation
Human Resource Management 3e
Principles of Management 2e
Monetary Economics
Fundamentals of Business Accounting 2e
Strategic Management 2e
Malaysian Economy
Business Law 2e
Business Ethics
Organizational Behaviour
Business Mathematics 2e
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Islamic Banking and Finance: An Integrative Approach
Principles of Economics 3e
Financial Accounting 1
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Business Research Methods
Financial Management 2e
Cost Accounting 5th Edition
Essentials of Managerial Economics (South East Asian Edition)
Fundamentals of Finance with Microsoft Excel®
Business Management: A Malaysian Perspective 2e
Principles of Management
Business Statistics