Accounting for Business





Foo Yin Fah
Caroline Yap Yu Li
Vivi Norazlina Mohd Sidik
Wong Wing Tien
Ng Shir Li
Pang Looi Fai
Tan Seng Lee
Choo Sook Yin
Evelyn Wong Mei Ling
Chen Su Ling
Jaspal Singh
Ho Wai Kee

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This book caters for first-year students pursuing undergraduate accounting programmes. The content is written based on the latest generally accepted accounting practices. In addition to the general understanding of the purpose of financial reporting and the conceptual frameworks adopted in modern accounting, this textbook also provides comprehensive coverage of the processes involved in contemporary accounting functions as well as the use of accounting information for financial and business decision-making.

                Although this textbook is written with accounting students in mind, it is also a good reference for students pursuing any business programme with introductory accounting courses. The book offers step-by-step solutions, supplemented with explanations, which are ideal for non-accounting students seeking to gain basic accounting knowledge.


Key Features

  • MFRS and MPERS are discussed at a level appropriate for building a good foundation necessary for proceeding to the intermediate stages of accounting study.
  • Many examples and illustrations are given to explain the application of accounting concepts and techniques in the simplest way possible.
  • The accounting exercises and problems at the end of each chapter are written based on the extensive practical and teaching experience of the authors; they are designed to test knowledge and understanding as students work through each chapter and to serve as practice questions to help students monitor their own progress as well as to prepare for examinations.
  • A list of references is provided at the end of the book should students require further reading.
  • Teaching PowerPoint slides and an Instructor’s Manual are available online as resources for lecturers.
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