Physics for Matriculation Semester 2 Fifth Edition Updated





Poh Liong Yong

Available Resources:

• Learning Outcomes
• Answers to Model Exam Paper
• Additional Model Exam Paper with Answers
• Animations
• Additional Exercises

Physics for Matriculation Semester 2 Fifth Edition Updated is a comprehensive coursebook written for students studying Physics in local matriculation courses. This coursebook aims to stimulate students’ interest in physics and help them gain a firm understanding of important principles and concepts in physics. In addition, it helps students prepare for their Physics examination.


This coursebook contains the following features.

  • Convenient Quick Revision Notes
  • Clear and concise explanation of all the important concepts
  • Numerous worked examples
  • Practice exercises after subtopics and at the end of each chapter
  • Summary of key concepts at the end of each chapter
  • Answers to all questions
  • English–Malay list of key physics terms
  • Index
  • Model examination paper


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