Chemistry for Matriculation Semester 2 Fourth Edition



Tan Yin Toon
Ashy Kumren

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Chemistry for Matriculation Semester 2 Fourth Edition is a comprehensive coursebook written for students studying Chemistry in local matriculation courses. It is based on the new Chemistry  SK026 syllabus issued by the Matriculation Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia. This coursebook aims to stimulate students’ interest in chemistry and help them gain a firm understanding of important principles and concepts in chemistry. In addition, it helps students prepare for their Chemistry examination. 

This coursebook contains the following features.

  •     Convenient Quick Revision Notes available
  •     Clear and concise explanation of all the important concepts
  •     Numerous worked examples
  •     Practice exercises called Quick Check after subtopics
  •     Summary of key concepts at the end of each chapter
  •     Focus on Exam exercises at the end of each chapter
  •     Answers to all questions
  •     Glossary
  •     Index
  •     Model examination paper

Access to this title requires an activation code which is available when you purchase the printed book. Lecturers may request access by clicking on 'Lecturer Resources' to register. 

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