Effective Communication in Nursing





Derek Anthony Hayes
Rohani Arshad

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This book is written especially for students on the Malaysian curriculum for the Diploma and Degree in Nursing. This user-friendly text provides a comprehensive introduction to effective communication, and offers practical guidelines and examples for establishing good nurse–patient relationships within a range of health care settings. Written in a simple style, it helps students to understand and apply the basic concepts of communication which are essential to the nursing process such as applying verbal and non-verbal communication skills, developing empathy, showing assertiveness, ensuring respect, providing assurance and communicating significant information. This book also invites students to reflect on their own skills and experiences in order to communicate effectively with patients and other members of the health care team.

This textbook will be useful in helping nursing students to communicate more effectively and prepare for clinical practice. Practicing nurses will also value this text as a reference on the Malaysian soft skills, communication in organizations and quality assurance in order to provide safe, effective care.

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