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Learn about Oxford Fajar Companion Website (OFCW)
OFCW is developed by Oxford Fajar to provide students and teachers with additional ready-to-use learning and teaching resources.
These additional resources are developed to complement Oxford Fajar titles and are tailored closely to each specific title. The resources offer added-value as an integral part of the Oxford Fajar title. They offer students the tools to take guided control of their learning, while teachers will find the resources useful to enhance and aid teaching
Titles with Companion Website resources
Titles supported by online resources will be added to this site periodically. The OFCW logo will appear on printed titles to indicate additional resources available online. New titles added will also be featured on the OFCW homepage, therefore please continue to visit this site to discover additional resources that are available to you.
Accessing Resources
Access to school resources is unrestricted. To view the resources available for the title of your interest, just click on the concerned book cover or you may also browse categories using the navigation buttons above. Alternatively, you may also use the search feature to check for a specific title.
After an initial introductory period, a simple registration feature will be introduced to enable OFCW to better serve your individual needs.
If you have any technical queries, please email cw.info@oxfordfajar.com.my